Achieve Your Goals … Whatever They Are

  • Are you looking to launch a new business but do not know where to start?
  • Has your company stagnated or — worse — declined?
  • Is productivity low and employee turnover high?
  • Do you have a stream of brilliant ideas but need help executing them?
  • Are you overwhelmed because you are wearing too many hats — CEO, CFO, COO, VP Sales, etc. — but you cannot find or afford the right help?
  • Do you spend more time putting out fires than planning for future success?
  • Is your business plan gathering dust, in need of revision, or simply nonexistent?
  • Are you looking for more work-life balance, a succession plan, or an exit strategy? At AYG Coaching, we can help you address these questions and so much more, including:


We will assess your current business plan and uncover reasons why you are not achieving established goals. We will explore ways to free yourself from day-to-day operations, so you have adequate time to work on your business, not just in it.


We will help you better understand and manage your financial resources so you can grow your business and Achieve Your Goals.


We will explore ways to attract the best employees and build successful teams while creating an inclusionary company culture that engages everyone to produce top results. We will also ensure that your processes and procedures are as streamlined as possible and that you are maximizing the benefits of technology.


We will help you analyze your industry and develop your competitive advantages, making it easier for you to stand out in a crowded market.

Lead Generation & Conversion

We will refine your sales process to show you how to connect with your ideal customers and to communicate the value in selecting your B2B company over the competition.

Customer Fulfillment

We will evaluate your marketing ROI and develop a customer experience that not only delights clients, but also turns them into raving fans for your brand.

As members of the prestigious International Coaching Federation and certified in Gestalt-style training, AYG’s exemplary team knows how to elicit meaningful change within individuals and organizations. Our customized consulting services are applicable to anyone, although we are ideally suited to work with small B2B entrepreneurs who are open to meaningful change.